Grand Lake Area and Links


Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees boasts 1,300 miles of Native Oklahoma shoreline and is ideally located in the Northeast corner of the state, called “Green Country.” The lake is about 30 miles from the Kansas Stateline, 20 miles from the Arkansas Stateline, and 10 miles from the Missouri Stateline.

Around the lake you will enjoy the conveniences of city life – clubs, marinas, sport centers, antique shops, casinos, etc. – and yet experience the pleasure of a small lakefront community in rural America.

Come and participate in some of the many annual events held on the lake each year – year round! For more information about Grand Lake living see the following links: Grand Lake Area Chamber; 360 Grand Lake; Grand Fishing Report; Lendonwood Gardens; Har-Ber Village; Grand Lake Association; Grand Lake Area Info; Grand Lake Business Journal; Chronicle of Grand Lake; Grand Lake News on Line

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